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  • About Academy

    Takshshila School, is permanently affiliated to the M.P Board Education. We ensure to keep the fee at its lowest while providing quality educational infrastructure, keeping up with the culture.Create Proactive Global Citizens.The School is run by a Mr. Anil sharma and seeks to provide affordable and value education to all its students. We are living in fast changing & dynamic times, where the right education plays a crucial role in enhancing one’s lifestyle in the future.

    Everyone has a talent and so do you. Let it shine out, is all you have to do.

  • Our Mission

    Unfold the inherent talents of all students and enable them to do their best.
    Nurture a cosmopolitan atmosphere by encouraging the appreciation of world culture.
    Instill appropriate and desirable ethical values to make the students productive and responsible members of society.Train the students to realize their educational potential and become independent, lifelong learners.Embody commitment to expectations of society by continually improving the quality management systems.
    Develop an environment that will enable the school to meet the objectives of the National Agenda.

  • Our Objectives

    Build an effective technology-based learning environment of the creation of global digital citizens.Encourage the growth of an environment conscious generation by promoting eco-friendly practices in campus.Support and guide students to alleviate learning difficulties and integrate them with the mainstream.Transform the infrastructure and supporting facilities into a centre of creativity & innovation.

    You can have great teachers, but if you don’t have a good principal, you won’t have a good school.

Excuses are useless, Results are priceless








Our Achievers

who rejected the rejections and made us proud